Virtual Launch Event

The Virtual Launch event will be held on January 9, 2021, 11am - 2pm EST. Trust us, we know how to make online events fun and engaging. This will be a fast moving and fully immersive experience with games, interviews, breakout sessions, orientation to the six month experience and yes, some quality teaching.

Virtual Cohort Meeting

This is your chance to go deeper with a smaller group of four - six other participants, with a Virtual GAP Year facilitator. Your group will choose the date/time for your meeting. You will talk about what you are learning from the Module(s) and engage with content from Habitudes for the Journey, by Tim Elmore.

Module 1

The Art of Self-Leadership and the Power of Self-Awareness

Big Idea in Brief
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Self-Awareness is a critical building block of emotional intelligence. Without it, regardless of your talent and training, you will under achieve. Self-awareness is not an end. It’s a gateway to effective self-leadership.

There are two dimensions of self-leadership and they hinge on the ability to tell yourself yes, and no. When you tell yourself yes, you build self-discipline. When you tell yourself no, you build self-control. The cumulative results at the heart of self-leadership, both in terms of self-discipline and self-control, will determine the quality and trajectory of your life. That’s why self-leadership is so important.

Learning Objectives
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In this video lesson you will learn:

  • The two triggers and dimensions of self-leadership
  • The implication of the time variable on the decision/action cycle at the heart of self-leadership
  • The relationship between In-the-Moment and On-the-Journey self-leadership
  • The Importance of Identity Self-Awareness and its connection with On-the-Journey self-leadership

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