It’s not about TIME OFF from school.
It’s about WORKING ON yourself.



Ok, life was interrupted.

This is not the world you envisioned for your college experience.
You pushed pause on your plans. Now push play on your goals. Create your personal Get Ahead Plan (GAP) with a group of like-minded people and the help of an experienced guide.

To succeed in college and in life you need to become world class at leading yourself.
To help you build your Get Ahead Plan the Virtual GAP Year includes the online course:

How to Grow Your Self-Awareness and Lead Yourself Better

Here’s what’s included in the 8 Modules of this course

Interactive Video Lessons

Application Note Guide and Bundle of Assessments

Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT)

One-on-One Virtual Coaching

Explore the Virtual GAP Year

Starting January 2021

Your 6-month Virtual GAP Year experience includes:

Month 1
. . . . .

Virtual Launch Event
January 9, 2021
11am - 2pm EST

Module 1
The Art of Self-Leadership and the Power of Self-Awareness

Virtual Cohort Meeting

Month 2
. . . . .

Module 2
Exploring Your Personality

Module 3
Discovering Your Strengths

Virtual Cohort Meeting

Month 3
. . . . .

Module 4
Developing Your Skills

Module 5
Refining Your Personal Values

Virtual Cohort Meeting

Month 4
. . . . .

Module 6
Uncovering Your Passions

Module 7
Discovering Your Identity Profile

Virtual Coaching Session

Month 5
. . . . .

Module 8
Using Self-Awareness and Self-Leadership to Bring Your Best to School, Work & Life

Virtual Coaching Session

Month 6
. . . . .

Virtual Relaunch Event
June 26, 2021
11am - 2pm EST

Virtual Cohort Meeting

Space is Limited

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In a Fast Company article, Catherine McDonald Davenport, dean of admissions at Dickinson College challenges students considering a Gap Year to ask,

“What am I looking to learn about myself that will better prepare me for college and life in general?”

. . . . .

Virtual Launch Event Presenters

Tim Elmore

Dr. Tim Elmore, CEO and Founder of Growing Leaders, is a best-selling author and international speaker. A world-renowned expert on Generation Y and Generation Z, Dr. Elmore uses his knowledge to equip educators, coaches, leaders, parents, and other adults to impart practical life and leadership skills to young adults that will help them navigate through life.

Jolene Erlacher

Dr. Jolene Erlacher founded Leading Tomorrow in 2014 with the aim of equipping businesses, schools, organizations and churches for effective inter-generational leadership in an evolving culture. Her passion for equipping a new generation of leaders emerged from various leadership experiences in education and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Alaina Moore

Alaina Moore is a songwriter, producer and primary artist in the band Tennis. She formed Tennis in 2010 with her husband Patrick Riley. They have released music on record labels like Fat Possum, Island/Communion, and most recently their own label Mutually Detrimental. They have played Coachella, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, been the musical guests on late night tv (Lettermen, Conan), have worked with renowned producers like Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, the late Richard Swift, and toured with The Shins, Alt-J and Father John Misty.

Timothy Alexander

Timothy grew up in Birmingahm Alabama. He was ranked the #8 high school football player in Alabama. In 2006 he was involved in a life-changing car accident, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. From that point, he was left to find his purpose in life while paralyzed. He recently graduated from UAB with a Master’s degree in Communication Management. Timothy serves as the character coach for UAB Football and Women’s Basketball.

Scholarship and Internship Opportunities!

Limited needs-based scholarships available

Upon completion get priority access to paid internships

Chance to win a $1,000 college scholarship!

Earn a S.L.A.P. Badge, with certification of your Self-Leadership Action Plan

Push play on your future and create your personal Get Ahead Plan (GAP)!